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A collection of LibStub-compatible Add-Ons that provide minor enhancements for Elder Scrolls Online, including Anti-Spam, Chat and Bank/Inventory Add-Ons.

Mubox is a multiplexer emulator written in C#/.NET utilizing WPF and WinAPI. It offers "Keyboard Multicast", "Mouse Clone" and multiple-clients locally and remotely. Mubox is an Open-Source (MS-RL) variation of pre-existing closed-source and/or proprietary multiplexer emulators such as 'Octopus', 'Multibox', and 'KeyClone'; though it makes no attempt to replicate the workflow nor features of these applications. It has been developed independently with a focus on obeying the common Terms of Service for most popular MMOs.

PlexCMS is a simple Content Management System with the following goals: Embrace ASP.NET MVC, C#/Razor, Prefer Convention over Code, and Release via NuGet.

This is a project on Ohloh which has been retained for its historic value. For the "now current" project, including the latest source code, issue tracking and documentation please refer to http://www.ohloh.net/p/mubox, we 'forked' on ohloh because we lost the original source code repository in 2010 due to legal concerns (Oh No!). This Ohloh project provides a glimpse into the original development history of Mubox for anyone that is interested. Enjoy!

Shaun's primary focus is in distributed systems architecture, systems management and team development because these are things he enjoys doing most. He's a real 'nuts and bolts' kind of guy who is very passionate about his work and highly principled in terms of application/systems architecture.

Shaun prefers to remain forward-thinking in terms of the software he produces and the companies he works for. He understands the direction of current technology and keeps a constant eye open for change to adapt as early as possible. Software engineering is more of a passion than a career for him, and he hopes to meet others who feel the same way.

Shaun enjoys creating rich user interfaces, re-usable middleware/components and high-load/high-availability back-end systems. He has been working with C# .NET since the Professional Developers Conference in 2000. He can easily claim 10 years of experience and tell people things about C#/.NET that most working professionals don't know; his level of exposure to current and past technology is extremely deep.